Capture the Action for a Whole Lot Less!

Why spend $400 or $500 on an action camera when you’ve got one just as good in your pocket?

All you need is the $39.97 TeamRider Xtreme™ mounting system and your iPhone or Android smartphone and you’re good to go.

With the new TeamRider Xtreme™ Head Gear or Chest mounting system and your smartphone, you can turn any hat or helmet or chest harness into an action camera — and turn out top-quality videos that rival the leading action camera — for a fraction of the cost.


In fact, the TeamRider Xtreme system is better!

Here are just a few reasons why:

  • No need to buy another camera.
  • No need for pricey add-ons.
  • Add lenses as desired for different effects.
  • Preview your videos in a full-size window.
  • Transfer your videos wirelessly.

In short, the TeamRider Xtreme™ system can do everything that the leading camera can do … some of it better … and all for up to 90% less.


One System — Endless Possibilities

Here are just some of the ways you can use your TeamRider Xtreme™ helmet mount with your smartphone:

  • Record your favorite sport activity from your vantage point as you are participating on the field.
  • Document the extreme action you perform for instant replay and for replay in your living room.
  • Film your friends in action from all angles — front, back or side.
  • If you’re a sports instructor, video your students by following them in motion — from any angle — recording your comments as you go.
  • Replay your video INSTANTLY on your smartphone’s BIG screen.
  • Teach and critique your students by showing them their performance on the spot.
  • Use your TRX system and your smartphone’s camera for any family activity or play, with full sound.
  • Your TRX mount is completely hands-free, so it’s ideal for any sport or activity — skiing, kiting, snowboarding, jumping, kayaking, canoeing, skateboarding, bicycling, motorbike, driving, surfing, windsurfing, golfing, canyoneering, flying — or whatever you’re into.


Only the TeamRider Xtreme™ Gives You the Freedom to Create

Just attach the TRX mount to your helmet or hat, insert your smartphone, and instantly become an action sports filmmaker! The initial installation takes only ten minutes. The industrial-strength components keep your smartphone safe and secure, and our exclusive mounting technology makes your helmet safer, too.

Since the TRX system uses the smartphone you already own — which has a state-of-the-art HD camera built in — you have a choice of apps and accessories to get really creative.


Only TeamRider Xtreme™ Gives You So Many Shooting Options

You can start with your phone’s built-in lens, recording in either landscape mode, or, for more coverage of the horizon, the portrait mode. Then you can get really creative with accessories like the wide angle and the fisheye lenses.

You may find, as many TRX filmmakers have, that the wide angle lens is the best all-around choice for all kinds of extreme and non-extreme sports. The wide angle lens in the landscape format results in virtually no shakiness or instability, and it’s easy to stabilize your images further using any popular movie processing software.

While the fisheye lens reduces the size of your subjects, it’s great for big landscape panoramas, and for getting more of the action into the frame.

You can purchase the lenses from the manufacturer, but for your convenience you can purchase the lenses directly from us.


Be sure to check out examples of all lenses and orientations in our Video Gallery, and tips and tricks  in”What’s New” or “FAQ” blogs on this website, from other TeamRider Xtreme™ filmmakers in our Users Area.

See for Yourself

You get different results depending on which lens you use — the fisheye or the wide angle lens (both available in our store), or your phone’s built-in lens — in either the vertical or  horizontal mode. Here are some examples: