Action Camera Mount – Any Smartphone

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Head Gear and Body Mounting System for most Smartphones.

Use the TRX system using the smartphone in your pocket to video record action sports from the perspective of the user, or for any hands-free filming of your friends and family.


Phone and head gear not included

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The TeamRider Xtreme Head Gear  and Body Mounting system is designed to allow Owners of Smartphones to use them for VideoRecording/filming action videos hands-free. The system includes the Smartphone Holster mounted on the Helmet (or other Head Gear) via a Velcro (or similar) attachment system and a proprietary curved Head Gear Adaptor.

The TeamRider Xtreme holster can also be attached to the Body Harness (sold separately)and allow chest level filming.

It consists of:

1. Base Band, 2. Attachment Band, 3.Smartphone Holster, 4.Preformed Adaptor, 5.Attachment Bandsystem-numbered


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