Probably the best all-around lens is the fisheye. It gives you the widest field of view and the most stability. Browse our selection of lenses in the store.

Another good choice for capturing spectacular scenes in front of you is the wide angle lens. Browse our selection of lenses in the store.

When using your smartphone’s built-in lens, your best field of view and stability is achieved by putting the phone upright, in the vertical position.

It seems logical that the best way to use your phone’s built-in lens is in the horizontal or portrait position. However, you may find that both stability and field-of-view suffer in that position, so take extra care.

This video shows off the versatility of the TRX mounting system. By repositioning the smart phone holder to the back, you are able to capture someone who is following you.

A great use for the TRX system is to capture the performance of someone ahead or behind you. In this example, we are following another skier. The video could be used in training, or just for fun.