Mountain Biking with Samsung Galaxy S6 is a breeze. Insert into the TeamRider Xtreme helmet mount system and try with the Regular (built in) Lens.

The TeamRider Xtreme is awesome for Mountain Biking Adventures. This video shows the difference between the Fish Eye and Wide Angle Lenses and also the influence of the position of the smartphone on the Helmet to capture the road or the horizon or both.

Awesome Mammoth Mountain Descent and Crash filmed on Samsung S4 regular lens. You could use wide angle lens to achieve wider lens coverage. Enjoy your adventures using the TeamRider Xtreme smartphone camera on your mountain bike and see record your trail and follow your buddy’s rear end!
Please comment, narrate and/or dialogue your trip. It is OK to talk to yourself if nobody is around, but your buddy can give his input too! All sound is recorded (unlike on helmet cameras), your comments, wind, sand,tires, etc.
Be careful and have a lot of fun!