What does "Team Rider" mean?

A Team Rider is a member of a sport’s team who rides and races on specific equipment. The professional stars are well paid for this exposure. Other Team Riders receive only the sports equipment at no charge in order to promote the specific make.

You will become the “TeamRider Xtreme” in your specific activity or sport and ride for your team, your family, your friends, your equipment, or any team you can imagine.

Or you can use the “TeamRider Xtreme” attachment system for hands free filming any activity you like to do, be it family play, kids play, pet play or any instructional activity for which you need to have your hands free.

What Is Included in the TeamRider Xtreme™ System?

The system consists of:

1. Base band to be attached to the head gear (typically a  helmet)
2. Attachment band (double-sided Velcro)
3. Universal Holster for any Phone
4. Curved forehead adapter
5. Stabilizing band
6. Bag to carry TeamRider Xtreme system

Optional lenses and phone are not included

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What lenses are recommended for best results?

For the greatest stability, highest quality and the most field of view, the Fisheye or wide angle lens is recommended. The lens built into the phone is not optimized for capturing action. Click here to view our accessory lenses.

Olloclip Lenses

Our best experience is with the Olloclip lenses (Fish Eye, Wide Angle and Macro combo) which we used for our videos. They are made of high quality glass and render excellent sharpness and picture quality. Their sturdy attachment (patented clip is firmly attached to the smartphone) is suitable for action photography and filming. They are available for iPhone 6, 6plus, 5,5s, 4, 4s and also for Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5. You can review them here, and purchase them on either the Olloclip website or our website.

3 in One Clip-On Lenses

Another good lens offering is 3 in One Lens kit which is attached via clip-on. (Fish Eye and Wide Angle/Macro combo) for both iPhone and Samsung smartphones. Its attachment is via a clip-on and is suitable for all phones on the market.

Can I use the TeamRider Xtreme™ system with any smartphone?

Yes the TeamRider Xtreme universal holster is usable with all sizes of smartphones up to the Samsung Note 4. Certain lenses, such as Olloclip, provide dedicated clips for specified smartphones, which secure firmly for action sports and fit within the holster.

Other lenses are more universal and are attached via a clip-on mechanism, which fits the openings in the TeamRider Xtreme holster. Please state which smartphone you own and we will provide specific instructions.

How do I start and stop recording?

Most modern smartphones allow you to control the start and stop functions by one or more of the following ways:

  • Actuating push-buttons on your earbudsSamsPhoto522-3
  • Pushing the mechanical volume-up and volume-down switches on the phone
  • Using the digital on/off button on the screen
  • Via a Remote Bluetooth shutter release device (see product page), which you actuate from the palm of your hand.BlueToothRemContr
  • Samsung has the voice command “record video” to start video recording. For photos the shutter voice command is “shoot”, “smile”, “capture”, “cheese”, which will actuate the shutter for a single photo.

Where can I order the accessories to the TeamRider Xtreme™ system?

You can order accessories here, together with the TeamRider Xtreme (TM) system, or you can order from the individual manufacturers.

How can I use the TeamRider Xtreme™ system for playing or teaching a sport?

You can use the TRX system to film your sport students in motion by following them, leading them or being alongside them — positioning your camera on your helmet either in front, in the back, or on the side.

The beauty of the TRX system is that you can show your students the results immediately using the large, crisp display built into your smartphone.

What's the best smartphone for the TRX system?

You can use any smartphone up to the size of large smartphones Apple iPhone 6+ or Samsung Notes 4. The quality of the recording is the best with the latest releases of the smartphones such as iPhone 6/6+ and Samsung Galaxy 6S. But you should use any smartphone you own now and get your feet wet with these phones and create good quality videos. And later, when you upgrade to the latest versions of the smartphones on the market, you will upgrade the quality of your recordings to the levels of Hollywood productions.